• You can either wear baggy, loose fitting clothing (such as shorts or bottoms and a T-shirt), or tight stretchy leggings and tops.  If you are attending a class in our hot room it is better to wear tight yoga gear as you will sweat a great deal and loose clothing can become uncomfortable.  The most important thing is that you’re comfortable and can stretch without restriction.   We rent excellent quality yoga outfits if you want to do so, or if you’ve forgotten to bring your own.

    For hot classes, we recommend for hygienic reasons, and to prevent slipping, that you put a towel over your mat.  We rent specially designed hot yoga towels, or normal towels, at reception.

  • We provide all equipment that you will need for your class, including the highest quality studio mats.  We use purple mats for non-hot classes, and blue ones for hot classes. We clean and disinfect the mats regularly, however you may wish to bring your own mat; we have plenty available to buy at reception.

    We also have full changing facilities with showers and hairdryers, as well as cleansing products for the hair and body and conditioner.

    We offer towels for hire at reception for a small charge, and water and snacks are available to buy.

    For hygienic reasons we ask that you place a towel on your mat for our hot classes.

    Our lockers require padlocks so bring one if you have one; padlocks are also available for sale at reception. Please kindly note you will not be able to take your valuables into the studio.

  • You can start with a Level 1 or Open (All) Level class.  We have plenty of these classes on our schedule.

    We also offer beginner’s yoga courses on certain dates; check here for the next available course.


  • We offer a huge variety of classes, and recommend that you try a few different classes and teachers; your preference for style of class and teacher can be very personal.  Read more about the classes we offer here.  Or you can ask our front desk team, by emailing us, or calling us on 0333 405 8888.

  • You should arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of the class.  For your own safety, and for the comfort of other students, we don’t allow late-comers into class.

    Yotopia is a shoe-free and mobile-free zone.

    Please act with respect and awareness for other students and also our neighbours at all times, both when arriving, leaving and during classes.

  • You should arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of the class.  For your own safety, and for the comfort of other students, we don’t allow late-comers into class.

  • It is recommended that you eat nothing within half an hour of class, and that you leave at least 2 hours after a meal before practicing yoga.

    If you are practicing in the hot studio, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water in the hour before the class and sip when required during. Do not drink more than sips during the practice of yoga.

    Be sure to rehydrate after the class is finished, and a snack is also useful within an hour of finishing, to keep blood sugars balanced.

  • Yoga can definitely help you to lose weight if this is your goal, as dynamic forms burn calories and build muscle to ensure you continue to burn calories for hours after. If you do not wish to lose weight, please make sure that you eat enough to sustain your practice, perhaps with light snacks before and after class.

  • You do not need to be flexible, as the class will help develop your flexibility. However, if you are very stiff, or new to the practice of yoga, you would be advised to start with one of our lower level classes, designed for stiff bodies and beginners. See timetable for more information.

  • It depends on the nature of the injury. Yoga and Pilates can be particularly good for both prevention of and rehabilitation from injuries. We advise that you ask your specialist or GP, speak to the teacher, or call the front desk and ask for guidance. Be sure to let the teacher know about any injuries before the class begins. It may be useful to arrive early to discuss your issues with the teacher, who will suggest ways to modify the practice or work with the injury safely, or may suggest that the class is not suitable until the injury has healed.


  • We recommend that you do not practice yoga or Pilates within the first trimester.  We also advise that you do not practice hot yoga during any period of your pregnancy.  However, during the second and third trimester, we would encourage you to do (non-hot) yoga and/or Pilates – it is excellent for you and your baby’s health and wellbeing.  You should tell the teacher prior to the start of the class that you’re pregnant.