Christian Coelho

Christian 1Humble, genuine and warm, Christian’s classes are inspired by his experience in a variety of styles of yoga. With a background in sports and the performing arts, Christian’s journey began with the dynamic style of Power/Rocket Vinyasa Yoga. Since then he has travelled the globe exploring many aspects of yoga. Trained as a Hatha, Rocket Vinyasa, and Forrest Yoga teacher, he sees yoga beyond the perfect asana, but rather as a way of being which enhances life, welcomes you into your body and cultivates greater quality of mind.

Inspired by the healing combination of movement, breath and intention, Christian aims to hold a sacred space where students can turn within to feel, listen to voices of intuition, and develop growing relationship with self.

Open to all, expect a challenging and uplifting class with attention to alignment and sensitive adjustments.

Currently teaching classes, workshops and courses in London, Christian is completing an MA in the History & Philosophy of Yoga at SOAS University, reflecting on the traditional ideals and sharing to students in an accessible way. Off the mat he loves salsa dancing, kirtan, and scootering around London.

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