Shaylee Grant

Shay comes from a small town on the beautiful West Coast of Canada, near Vancouver BC, Shayleewhere there’s almost as many yoga studios as there are Starbucks. She has always been attracted to the art of movement and started dance at a young age. As she progressed into competitive dance, she used yoga as a tool to help her maintain her flexibility in between dance seasons. However, as time went on, she experienced the therapeutic aspects of the practice. Since then, she’s been hooked, and has gravitated to dynamic forms of yoga.

Shay trained with the Yoga People in London, and has embraced the Rocket, which she happily teaches around London. She also practices and teaches Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow as she feels more balanced when she makes space for both discipline and play on her mat. She is passionate about helping people find comfort and ease in their own bodies while working up a sweat and having a few laughs and tumbles in the process. Shay encourages her students to challenge themselves and to observe their own mental and emotional patterns on the mat. For her, the practice is a meditation and the mat is a mirror, and she is forever grateful to facilitate others on their journey