Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates are practiced in our specially designed hot and humid studio, using advanced technology, at a temperature of approximately 35˚C, and a humidity of around 50%.  The studio has been designed to ensure that the heat and humidity are carefully controlled, and optimum levels of fresh oxygen are flushed into the studio.

Any class on our timetable which has “Hot” in the title is a Hot Yoga or Pilates class.Hot Yoga

The teachers use styles of their own, and incorporate different sequences in the hot yoga and Pilates classes to ensure that no class is the same.  This ensures that the body, and the mind, are constantly challenged by fresh sequencing, and limits the tendency of the muscles to become lazy through too much repetition.

For hygienic reasons we ask that you bring a towel to place on your mat for our hot classes.

Do’s and Don’ts for a Safe Practice

Listed below are our DO’s and DON’Ts to help you to practice safely in a hot room.  If you are unsure about anything you MUST talk to your teacher before class.

  • Hydration: hydration before class is as important as during and after a hot yoga class. Keeping well hydrated allows the body to sweat, detoxify and cool down. Drink plenty of water up to half an hour before your hot yoga class, and after the class ends. During your hot yoga class, take just little sips so as not to cool the body down too much.
  • Replenish: drinking water alone may not be enough because the body loses vital salts via sweat, which need to be replaced. Consider adding electrolytes (such as Emergen-C sold at reception) to your water, or drink coconut water, both of which contain valuable nutrients such as potassium, sodium and vitamins.
  • Listen to your body: if you start to feel confused, dizzy or nauseous during your hot yoga class, you are likely to have become overheated. To prevent this we advise: breathing slowly and evenly throughout the hot yoga class; taking breaks whenever you need them; don’t push through fatigue; drink water whenever you need to; try not to leave the hot room until you feel a little recovered, as a sudden change in temperature can be shocking to the system.
  • Before & after: BEFORE your hot yoga class: drink plenty of water throughout the day; avoid caffeinated drinks; wear clothing that breathes; avoid eating within the hour before; get plenty of potassium in your diet.
    AFTER your hot yoga class: have a cool shower; drink plenty of fluids with added electrolytes; eat a snack soon after finishing; rest.
We recommend that you do not practice hot yoga or hot Pilates if you are pregnant. Enjoy your practice!