The Hot Yoga Studio

The method of heating we use is “Hot and Humid”. In addition to heat, we use humidity to improve the detox process and support deep breathing. Plus, a constant stream of fresh oxygen is pumped into the studio to ensure you’re maximising your oxygen intake.Yotopia Studio

The studio is heated to approximately 35 degrees centigrade (temperature varies a little dependent on the style of yoga or pilates being taught), and also incorporates an integrated humidification system which dampens the air, assisting breathing, and also aiding the sweating and detoxification process.

The heating system has also been designed to ensure that optimum levels of fresh oxygen are pumped into the studio, and old air is extracted. High levels of oxygen and lower levels of toxin-coated older air will also ensure your experience is enhanced.

A class in this studio will make your body work harder, enhancing cardiovascular endurance, and allowing your muscles to stretch more deeply and more safely. The sweat will aid detoxification and circulation.