Shamanic Flow

with Josephine McGrail
19th Feb 2:30-4:30pm
Cost £30

In the first part we will flow in and out of the asanas allowing them to work as gateways, portals to bring us back to our inner, open nature and especially to Mother Earth. Through the five elements of: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space we will explore new ways of moving: in spirals, up high and down low. During the workshop we will learn how to utilise and relate the quality of the elements to our bodies and later on, in the more philosophical part, to our every day living.

No experience necessary! Just bring an open mind and a willingness to explore new possibilities. The rest is the past. The present is NOW and the future is what you make it..

It is with great humility and gratitude that i am able to announce that the wonderful Jenny Bliss Bennett will play live music and sing at this event.

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Improvers Course

with Kate LovellKate Lovell 1
4 weeks: 9.15-10.30am;  25 February – 18 March 2017 inclusive
Cost: £75
This 4-week ‘Improvers’ course with Kate Lovell will help you grow stronger and more confident in your yoga practice.  It is designed for those who have some experience of yoga practice or have recently completed a beginners course and would like a little extra guidance as they start to delve deeper into regular yoga classes and experiment with more challenging yoga postures.  This series of four classes will explore themes across yoga asana practice, as well as yoga philosophy, deepening your understanding of different yoga postures and their benefits, as well as introducing more breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to help you reduce stress and build a meditation practice.  It will help you continue to grow your practice safely as you increase your strength and flexibility, play with more challenging poses (and learn how to modify them for your body/level), and cultivate patience and persistence.
About the Teacher:
The course is led by Kate Lovell (, who has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching at Yotopia since its opening. She believes yoga is an essential tool for true health and wellness in the body and mind. Kate’s style is playful and exploratory, energizing and fun.  Her passion is in helping her students find pleasure and meaning in their practice so that yoga becomes not only an activity to exercise the body, but also a tool to reduce stress, quiet the mind and live a more balanced and fulfilling life.
Her regular classes at Yotopia meet on Wednesday nights (Gentle Hot Yoga Flow and meditation) and Saturday mornings (Level 1 Hot Yoga Flow). You can email her for more information at
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Understanding Any Asana

with Dan Peppiatt
5th March 2.30-5 pm
Cost: £35

Delving into his own system of understanding any asana, join Dan as we explore the simple elements that construct every asana you have ever practised as well as asana that are yet to be invented!

There is nothing magical or mystical about seemingly difficult yoga positions. For the most part we are held back by one of three simple elements which Dan refers to as the M.A.P of yoga asana.

Underlying this MAP is the idea that if we understand certain principles about the body, the brain and alignment then we will approach our physical yoga practice much more logically and struggle far less.

In this session of investigation, using a range of teaching tools, theory and practical experimentation we will look at topics as diverse as motivation for practice; tensional integrity and alignment; muscle memory and proprioception and body proportions.

Get ready to take an entirely new look at your yoga practice.

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Journey Thru The Chakras

with Swami SaradanandaSwami Chakra
12 March 2.30-5.30pm
Cost” £35
Restore and enhance the smooth flow of your vital energy. Gain insights into healthier behavioural patterns and a more-rewarding life-style.
This workshop offers you pragmatic tools to integrate chakra work into your daily life, including simple, powerful techniques to develop inner poise and keep your life in balance. How smoothly your chakras function influences how fully you inhabit your physical body, the success of your relationships, and how much inner peace you enjoy. Each chakra corresponds to emotional and spiritual challenges that you may face in life.
Swami Saradananda presents you a down-to-earth approach to inner peace. Many of the exercises and meditations are aimed at eliminating negative emotions associated with each of the chakras.
Swami Saradananda is an internationally-renowned yoga and meditation teacher who inspires you to want to practise. Her classes are practical as well as theoretical in nature – and always enlightening! She has authored a number of books, including “Yoga Mind and Body”, “Relax and Unwind with Yoga”, “Chakra Meditation”, “The Essential Guide to Chakras” and “Mudras for Modern Life”. The third edition of her innovate book “The Power of Breath” is being released in Jan 2017
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Forrest Yoga Workshop

With Anita Jasser

18 March 2-4pm

Cost: £35

Unravel your hips, neck and shoulders.  Take a load off and book up now!

Join Anita for a 2-hour Forrest Yoga workshop where we’ll delve deep into releasing the hips, neck and shoulders.

In this workshop, you’ll receive:

•Tools to help you de-stress when you need to

•A deep healing yoga practice to release tension in the hips, shoulders and neck

•Insight into how you hold tension in your body and how to release it

No previous Forrest Yoga experience necessary. All levels welcome.

Sign up today!

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Transformational Breath Workshop

with Elif Clarke
2 April 2-4.30pm
Cost: £47
What is Transformational Breath? Transformational Breath® is an amazing technique that works on three levels. Firstly, it teaches you to use your breath to open your complete respiratory system. Physically this energises, clears toxins, and boosts the immune system. It reduces stress hormones; in fact, each session can clear ‘something’, leaving behind deep feelings of relaxation.
The emotional is the second level. Emotionally, Transformational Breath® provides an opportunity to access those deep unresolved issues and integrate them in a way that has an immediate benefit on your life. This tool works at the level of the subconscious.
The third level of Transformational Breath® is personal and partially dependent upon belief systems; for some, it’s deeply spiritual, others fast track to deep meditative states.
Dr. Judith Kravitz developed Transformational Breath® over 30 years ago in the US. There are amazing stories of self-healing using Transformational Breath®; including a reduction in symptoms of a disease, such as cancer and back pain. Tens of thousands of people have benefited from this tool. The popularity of Transformational Breath® continues to soar globally, in response to a crisis in physical and mental health (as well as a lack of funding).
“Judith Kravitz is the most impressive teacher of breath work I have ever encountered in both the east and the west. Her techniques have the power to lead one to have a direct experience of liberation on many levels. You may call it a short cut to enlightenment ” Tulku Rimpoche Thubten, Tibetan Buddhist Lama
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Charity Yin-Yang Workshop for HOOP Peru

with Melissa Zelaya

9 April 2.30-5.30pm

Cost: Minimum £15 donation

 This workshop has been requested, and organised by, one of our regular students, Stefania.  For information, booking and payment please contact her directly on 07802716749 or

Join our Peruvian-themed charity Yoga workshop for HOOP Peru and help improve other people’s lives while doing something amazing for yourself. This 3-hour workshop will be combining the two mutually complementary energies of life; Yin & Yang.

Your teacher Melissa will guide you through a supercharged vinyasa practice, Rocket Yoga. This is a strong, yang form of yoga, designed by Larry Shultz to create incredible strength, flexibility and balance.

The second part of the workshop will be based on a healing Yin Yoga practice. Yin Yoga is based on long-held poses where muscles are completely relaxed to allow us to access the deeper layers of the body. It works on releasing constrictions in the connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons that support the joints.

In this nurturing workshop Melissa will take you through a specific series of seated & supine poses. By breaking up blockages you’ll encourage the easier flow of energy around the body, moving you out of negative emotions. You’ll discover balance and find a deep peace in your body & mind.

The last part of the workshop will be dedicated to guided Meditation and Pranayama. Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana, or vital life force.

YO-MU Restorative Yoga Flow, Live Cello & Soothing Beats Workshop

with Lucy and Pepe Ariasyo-mu

Sunday 9 July 3-4.30pm

Cost: £20

‘’Since both music and yoga can induce a transcendent state of mind, it’s only natural that combining the two will maximize your bliss’’

Based in Barcelona, Spain, for over two years Lucy, (London Contemporary Dance school graduate & Yoga teacher) and Pepe Arias (Cellist & electronic composer from Chile), have been developing their project YO-MU to offer a unique Yoga Flow and Live music workshop that aims to get you out of your head and into your body. This is an integration of music and yoga asana that aims to heal you from the inside out. The cello has the same tonal vibrations as the body and is used extensively in music therapy, combined with yoga asana the tones of the cello are easily digested into the body and helps to lead us back to our breathe. In this workshop we will move from deep breathing relaxation into gentle yoga postures to stretch and release the layers of the day accompanied by soothing guitar and voice melodies. The session culminates with a deep relaxation to the cello and head massage. A perfect introduction to yoga asana, or for those who want to take it slow, this session is open to all levels and music lovers alike.

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