Improvers Course (Beginners 2)

with Kate Lovell
Date: Every Saturday for 4 weeks, from 10 Sept to 1 October inclusive, 9.15 to 10.30 am
Cost: £75
This 4-week ‘Improvers’ course will help you grow stronger and more confident in your yoga practice.
It is designed for those who have some experience of yoga practice or have recently completed a beginners course and would like a little extra guidance as they start to delve deeper into regular yoga classes and experiment with more challenging yoga postures.
This series of four classes will explore themes across yoga asana practice, as well as yoga philosophy, deepening your understanding of different yoga postures and their benefits, as well as introducing more breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to help you reduce stress and build a meditation practice.
It will help you continue to grow your practice safely as you increase your strength and flexibility, play with more challenging poses (and learn how to modify them for your body/level), and cultivate patience and persistence.
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Journey thru the Chakras

with Swami SaradanandaSwami_Saradananda

Sun, 18 Sept, 2:30-5:30pm

Cost: £35 

Restore and enhance the smooth flow of your vital energy. Gain insights into healthier behavioural patterns and a more-rewarding life-style.

In this workshop, Swami Saradananda offers you pragmatic tools to integrate chakra work into your daily life, including simple, powerful techniques to develop inner poise and keep your life in balance. How smoothly your chakras function influences how fully you inhabit your physical body, the success of your relationships, and how much inner peace you enjoy. Each chakra corresponds to emotional and spiritual challenges that you may face in life.

Swami Saradananda presents you a down-to-earth approach to inner peace. Many of the exercises and meditations are aimed at eliminating negative emotions associated with each of the chakras.

Swami Saradananda is an internationally-renowned yoga and meditation teacher who inspires you to want to practise. Her classes are practical as well as theoretical in nature – and always enlightening! She has authored a number of books, including “Yoga Mind and Body“, “Relax and Unwind with Yoga“, “Chakra Meditation“, “The Power of Breath” and “The Essential Guide to Chakras” and “Mudras for Modern Life”.

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Melting Into Gaia

with Josephine McGrail

15 October 3-5pmJosephine Yin workshop

Cost: £30

“The Firmer the Roots, the Higher You Can Fly”
Join us on this 2hour Yin and Mindfulness workshop connecting us back to Mother Earth through Pranayama (breath work), Mudras and Restorative Asanas. Allowing us to melt away the armour that is usually protecting us in everyday life.
Come to explore your (inner) self, revisit that place of space and peace that was once a given but that for most of us is now long forgotten. Practise the beautiful state of simply “Being”, surrendering deep down into the heart of the Earth from where we can then, once our feet are firmly rooted, grow tall and strong.
No experience necessary just an open mind and a willingness to (re)discover your mind, body and spirit.
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Beginner’s Yoga Course

with Kate LovellKate Lovell 1

When: Every Saturday from 9-10.30am, for 5 weeks from 29 October until 26 Novemebr inclusive 

Cost: £100

(For continuing beginners, those absolutely new to yoga or those wanting to deepen their practice)

This course will give you the opportunity to develop a solid and safe foundation from which to build a consistent yoga practice and choose the right style of yoga and the best yoga classes at Yotopia for you.

Each Saturday morning session will give you a chance to get individual attention to help you feel more confident and progress faster, while learning how to develop a practice that is best suited to your body, your needs and your personal goals.

The 5-week programme is appropriate for absolute beginners or those who have been attending classes regularly but want to deepen their understanding of the benefits of yoga, breathing techniques, postural alignment, key yoga postures, vinyasa flow sequences, meditation and the philosophy behind yoga.

No two courses are ever completely alike and repetition is good in the early days of your practice so feel free to join even if you’ve already participated in a Beginners course before.

About the Teacher: The course is led by Kate Lovell (, who has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching at Yotopia since its opening.  She believes yoga is an essential tool for true health and wellness in the body and mind. Kate’s style is playful and exploratory, energizing and fun. Her passion is in helping her students find pleasure and meaning in their practice so that yoga becomes not only an activity to exercise the body, but also a tool to reduce stress, quiet the mind and live a more balanced and fulfilling life. Her regular classes at Yotopia meet on Wednesday nights (Gentle Hot Yoga Flow and meditation) and Saturday mornings (Level 1 Hot Yoga Flow). You can email her for more information at

Here’s what previous attendees have said about the course:

I worried that I wasn’t flexible enough and could injure myself by not getting enough guidance in big classes or at home about how to do basic poses (down dog, etc) correctly.  This course helped a lot in relieving that fear…I really enjoyed this course and feel much better prepared to progress in my yoga practice in the future. 

(Leigh, Assistant Professor, February 2014)

If you want to learn the basics of yoga in a fun and relaxed way, together with an amazing teacher you must try this course. My yoga journey has finally started…

(Maria, Charity Worker, February 2014)

I had never done yoga before nor did I know much about it except that it was supposed to be good for rest and relaxation. In truth, I wasn’t sure it was for me, but after reading the blurb on the beginners’ workshop with Kate Lovell at Yotopia I decided to give it a try… After 6 lessons I know that was a good decision…I felt good; fresher of mind and stronger in body.

(Neville, May 2013)

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Mudras for Modern Life

with Swami SaradanandaSwami_Saradananda

Sun, 30 Oct, 2:30-5:30pm

Cost: £35 

Mudras (yoga hand gestures) work at the physical, subtle, psychological and spiritual levels. Most are easy to do; yet are so powerful that regular practice can transform your life. They can help you to create inner peace and deep strength, eliminate fatigue and anxiety, protect your physical and emotional health, transcend stress and depression, reduce your guilt and anger, calm your mind, sharpen your intuition and promote happiness.

This workshop is of particular interest to anyone who works on a computer, i.e. the general population. Swami Saradananda will introduce you to practices that can help to prevent such problems as repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and bursitis. The class will include hand exercises that will not only enable you to better practice mudras, but also help you to release tension in their fingers, hands, arms and shoulders.

Swami Saradananda is an internationally-renowned yoga and meditation teacher who inspires you to want to practise. Her classes are practical as well as theoretical in nature – and always enlightening! She has authored a number of books, including “Yoga Mind and Body“, “Relax and Unwind with Yoga“, “Chakra Meditation“, “The Power of Breath“, “The Essential Guide to Chakras” and her latest book “Mudras for Modern Life”.

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AcroYoga Thai and Fly

with Jaqui WanJaqui Acro Yoga

13 November 2-5pm

Cost: £30

An afternoon’s introduction to Thai massage and flying therapeutics with Jaqui Wan.
 We will introduce a basic supine leg massage sequence that will help cultivate deep listening, compassionate touch and the roles of giving and receiving.
We will introduce suspended therapeutics, involving a base and flyer. The base grounds and suspends the flyer with their hands and feet to create the potential to release tension and muscular holding patterns.
The passive nature of the flyer enables the base to sculpt the flyer into a variety of shapes that stretches and opens the flyers upper body.
Open to all and especially those interested in massage or other forms of body work.
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