Women’s Yoga Workshop

with Kate Lovell

Saturday, 22 April, 2-4PM

Saturday, 27 May, 2-4PM

Saturday, 10 June 2-4PM

Cost: £25.00 each

These workshop-style classes are for the ladies only. Why? Because despite the vast number of women practicing yoga, there aren’t many classes that focus purely on the female, taking into account the constantly changing nature of our bodies and the different flows of energy that accompany our monthly cycles.

In these workshops (which can be taken individually) Kate hopes to help other women take ownership of their yoga practice in a way the promotes deep healing and nurturing of our bodies.   We’ll look at calming, restorative sequences to practice when menstruating (or when you just need to reduce stress), and explore ways of moving in a more dynamic practice that honours our wombs and helps to balance our hormones.  We’ll also look at ways of using yoga and meditation to build a healthy and happy body image.  These afternoons are about carving out me-time and connecting to your divine feminine energy. A great treat for yourself and maybe a friend. Suggestion: wear comfortable loose, clothing and bring a light blanket or scarf.

About Kate: Kate is a regular Yotopia teacher known for her gentle yet invigorating vinyasa-flow yoga classes and welcoming style of teaching.  She leads the Beginners Courses and loves introducing people to the practice that changed her life by helping her to love her body, reduce stress and access her movement centre.  Inspired to use yoga to heal her body and lessen the symptoms of PMT, she has completed a Womb Yoga training and Pregnancy Teacher training with Uma Dinsmore Tulli specifically focused on teaching yoga to women at different stages of their lives.

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Each 2 hour session is a stand alone class. Be sure to select the correct date when booking. 

Beginners Course – 4 weeks

with Kate Lovell

20 May – 10 June 9-10.30am

Cost: £75

(For continuing beginners, those absolutely new to yoga or those wanting to deepen their practice)

This course will give you the opportunity to develop a solid and safe foundation from which to build a consistent yoga practice and choose the right style of yoga and the best yoga classes at Yotopia for you.

Each Saturday morning session will give you a chance to get individual attention to help you feel more confident and progress faster, while learning how to develop a practice that is best suited to your body, your needs and your personal goals.

The 4-week programme is appropriate for absolute beginners or those who have been attending classes regularly but want to deepen their understanding of the benefits of yoga, breathing techniques, postural alignment, key yoga postures, vinyasa flow sequences, meditation and the philosophy behind yoga.

No two courses are ever completely alike and repetition is good in the early days of your practice so feel free to join even if you’ve already participated in a Beginners course before.

About Kate: 

The course is led by Kate Lovell (, who has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and teaching at Yotopia since its opening. She believes yoga is an essential tool for true health and wellness in the body and mind. Kate’s style is playful and exploratory, energizing and fun.  Her passion is in helping her students find pleasure and meaning in their practice so that yoga becomes not only an activity to exercise the body, but also a tool to reduce stress, quiet the mind and live a more balanced and fulfilling life.  Her regular classes at Yotopia meet on Wednesday nights (Gentle Hot Yoga Flow and meditation) and Saturday mornings (Level 1 Hot Yoga Flow). You can email her for more information at

 Here’s what previous attendees have said about the course:

I worried that I wasn’t flexible enough and could injure myself by not getting enough guidance in big classes or at home about how to do basic poses (downdog, etc) correctly. This course helped a lot in relieving that fear…I really enjoyed this course and feel much better prepared to progress in my yoga practice in the future.

(Leigh, Assistant Professor)

If you want to learn the basics of yoga in a fun and relaxed way, together with an amazing teacher you must try this course. My yoga journey has finally started…

(Maria, Charity Worker)

I had never done yoga before nor did I know much about it except that it was supposed to be good for rest and relaxation. In truth, I wasn’t sure it was for me, but after reading the blurb on the beginners’ workshop with Kate Lovell at Yotopia I decided to give it a try… After 6 lessons I know that was a good decision…I felt good; fresher of mind and stronger in body.


Course Details Summary

Duration: Saturday mornings from 9-10:30AM for 4 weeks

Course commences on Saturday, 20th of May until Saturday, June 10th inclusive, from 9:00-10:30AM.

If you have to miss one of the dates, follow-up notes are provided in between sessions.


Saturday, 20 May

Saturday, 27 May

Saturday, 3 June

Saturday, 10 June

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Mandala & Rocket Vinyasa – Increase Self-esteem Intuition and Focus

with Saori Funawatari

Sunday 11 June 2:30-5:30pm

Cost: £30

If you’re feeling a dip in self-esteem and self-confidence, in your yoga practice or simply in general and are struggling to focus on the bigger picture of being, this workshop is for you.

Come on a journey to greater focus and self-belief through chakra work, Yin Yoga, pranayama, Mandala Vinyasa and Rocket 1.

The workshop will begin with Yin Yoga to find the root of your grounding energy before moving onto Mandala Sun Saltation (360 degrees circular spiritual movements, Dynamic flow, Pranayama and Fire elements’ Asana). This will be followed by Rocket 1 to open the meridian on the back of the body in order to open your third eye Chakra.

The journey will end as it started, with Yin Yoga, to come back down to the earth and ground in stillness.

Hopefully by the end of the practice you will be able to see things more clearly through the third eye more accepting of what is happening within and out of your body, helping you not to react but to find the right response to deal whatever comes your way. You’re likely to feel and increase in self-esteem and acceptance and a greater focus on the bigger picture of being. Or at least open to the journey to develop self-esteem and confidence more and find the reason, purpose of being.

Namaste, om Shanti

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Deep Yin Vibrations – a Yin & Gong Worshop

with Charlie Merton 

Sunday 2nd July 3-5.30pm

Cost: £30

This 2.5 hour workshop will combine the lovely and deep practice of the quiet and meditative Yin Yoga with the powerful resonance of the gong. The 75 minute Yin sequence will prepare the body for the deep release which is activated by the intensity of the gong as she leads you through a healing soundscape journey which will include 4 gongs, tibetan bowls, rainstick, & sansula. The use of gongs and tibetan bowls stimulates the alpha and theta brainwaves which are associated with meditative states. The healing power of the session is enhanced with the use of 3 planetary gongs Jupiter, Venus, Sidonic Moon) in addition to a large symphonic gong. The experience will open the body and mind, and help to release energetic blocks and tension which accumulate through the everyday trauma of our lives.

About Charlie 

Charlie originally trained as a musician, playing trumpet and piano from a young age, she attained a Bachelor of Music in 2004 she subsequently completed her Masters in Music Therapy and now teaches yoga & works as a music therapist alongside leading regular Gong Ceremonies at some of the leading yoga studios in London. Charlie first experienced the power of the Gong in a decade ago through her practice of Kundalini yoga and was amazed by the profound healing qualities that the gong possess. Charlie has been practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching for 6 years after she travelled to Northern India to do her yoga teacher training with Sivananda in traditional hatha yoga and here in began her training in sacred sound. As her yoga practice evolved along with her knowledge and experience as a crystal and sound healer, she became more and more aware of how yoga and healing practices were interconnected and interrelated, a combined practice becoming a fundamental part of her own healing journey as well as empowering others through healing and yoga. In addition to teaching alignment based strong flow, she is a certified Yin teacher having trained with Norman Blair & Sarah Powers and a Restorative Teacher through her study with Judith Lasater. She furthered her knowledge of sacred sound with Anne Malone and studied the power of the Gong with world renowned Gong Masters Don Conreaux and Aidan McIntyre and runs gong baths monthly around London.

YO-MU Restorative Yoga Flow, Live Cello & Soothing Beats Workshop

with Lucy and Pepe Arias

Sunday 16 July 3-4.30pm

Cost: £20yo-mu

‘’Since both music and yoga can induce a transcendent state of mind, it’s only natural that combining the two will maximize your bliss’’

Based in Barcelona, Spain, for over two years Lucy, (London Contemporary Dance school graduate & Yoga teacher) and Pepe Arias (Cellist & electronic composer from Chile), have been developing their project YO-MU to offer a unique Yoga Flow and Live music workshop that aims to get you out of your head and into your body. This is an integration of music and yoga asana that aims to heal you from the inside out. The cello has the same tonal vibrations as the body and is used extensively in music therapy, combined with yoga asana the tones of the cello are easily digested into the body and helps to lead us back to our breathe. In this workshop we will move from deep breathing relaxation into gentle yoga postures to stretch and release the layers of the day accompanied by soothing guitar and voice melodies. The session culminates with a deep relaxation to the cello and head massage. A perfect introduction to yoga asana, or for those who want to take it slow, this session is open to all levels and music lovers alike.

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