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Looking ahead: trends 2012

Yotopia has been mentioned in an article in a recent edition of the London Evening Standard highlighting Trends for 2012.

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Article in the Evening Standard

After a City meltdown with bankers crashing out of work thanks to stress, it comes as no surprise that in 2012 the corporate world will be calling “time out” – finally catching on to the fact yoga is a good way to stay calm and focused.

The rise of services such as YogaAt – which provides yoga instruction anywhere in London (including your office or overnight hotel) and has Citibank, Bain and HSBC on its client list – is making yoga fit the City mindset.

“I know several former bankers and hedge fund managers who have quit the City to set up yoga businesses. We are innovative, ambitious people packaging yoga for people whose shoes we were once in,” explains YogaAt founder James Muthana, who previously worked in private equity.

According to Matt Julian, head of fitness at The Third Space health clubs, “mind-body” fitness regimes will infiltrate the mainstream next year because “now that the world is such a tough place people are looking for something to help them cope”. New classes for 2012 such as Meditation in Motion and M-Powering yoga at The Third Space and new Covent Garden studio Yotopia’s Myo-Fit yoga, which adapt yoga to fit in with City thinking and the latest in fitness science, will ensure yoga gets the corporate touch. JG