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Our January newsletter discussed our new Masterclasses and our January Sale.

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Yotopia January Sale
January 2012
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My daily practice: see our new Meet the Teacher section below!

Happy New Year to all our clients, colleagues and friends! We wish you a very healthy, prosperous and flexible 2012!
To help you achieve your yoga and Pilates goals for this year, we’re putting all our membership schemes into our January sale.
Until the end of January, you can buy an annual 12-month unlimited membership and get 13 months of unlimited yoga and Pilates. You can also get 10% off our three-month unlimited pass, and if you buy a 10-class pass, we’ll give you 11 classes. So what are you waiting for?
And if you haven’t had a chance yet to use your free class voucher, then don’t worry; because we’ve extended the offer until the end of January. So you can come anytime until January 31 and use your free class voucher.
We look forward to seeing you at Yotopia really soon.




Katie Courts


Don’t forget to book now for our forthcoming Masterclass series with Senior Yotopia Teacher, Alexander Filmer-Lorch.
The first workshop is on Saturday 28

Alex3January and will explore the different laws of movement in yoga asana. It answers questions like: What is intelligent movement? How to use the law of opposition in yoga asana? What initiates movement? How to work beyond the limitations of the physical body? What is lengthening contraction and how is it applied in yoga?

The workshop is suitable for intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners and anyone who has practised yoga regularly for a year.
Masterclasses cost £25 per session. Book now to avoid disappointment! For more information and for booking, see the quick links to the side of this newsletter.


Meet the Teacher

Welcome to our new ‘Meet the Teacher’ section! A chance for you to learn a little more about each of teachers to help you find the right teacher for you.
I’m starting the ball rolling myself this month, and will be asking each of our teachers to introduce themselves in the coming months. If you’re not sure which class to attend, my advice is give everyone a go! Finding the right teacher is very personal and is not always what you expect by simply reading about them. But I hope this will help a little!
My name is Katie Courts. You can read my full bio by clicking on my name.
I discovered Ashtanga yoga nearly a decade ago, and have been practicing faithfully since.
I teach Ashtanga yoga and also Yogasports – which is a sequence based on ashtanga postures, but which includes the pulsations and spiral rotations of our Myo-Fit yoga. The classes are designed to improve athletic performance with a focus on core training, breath work and opening tight muscle groups.
I am also the Centre Manager at Yotopia, with a background in journalism, PR and the civil service.
The things I really enjoy in life are good food, good company, good movies and laughter. And of course my daily yoga practice (without which life feels very different). And so my main dislike is the challenge sometimes of not being able to practice, as well as feeling that time is being wasted!
This is my favourite quote, and I say it to myself whenever I fear change and wish to remind myself to ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!’
“There is a certain relief in change, even though it be from bad to worse; as I have found in traveling in a stage coach, that it is often a comfort to shift one’s position and be bruised in a new place.”

Evening Standard!

Yotopia appeared in the Evening Standard’s Looking Ahead: Trends 2012! The article highlighted emerging trends for the coming year, and described how Yotopia was one of the ‘City-thinking’ centres adapting yoga to fit in with the latest in fitness science.
Have a look at the full article on their website by clicking Evening Standard article

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