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Morning Star brings six top tips from St Martin’s Courtyard for a ‘Super new you’. And the first one is to come to Yotopia!

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Yotopia's Hot Studio


January is the traditional time of year to make lists of well-intentioned but unrealistic goals for the months ahead.  St Martin’s Courtyard in Covent Garden has six top tips to change your life for the better and achieve a super new you in 2012, without giving up any vices.

Get Fit and Flexible

Begin the journey towards a stronger, fitter, more flexible you this year. Brand new state of the art Yoga and Pilates centre Yotopia features a hot studio for a deeply detoxing experience that will burn fat, tone muscle and increase cardio fitness. Yotopia is exclusive to St Martin’s Courtyard and offers a wide variety of classes including the revolutionary ‘Myo-Fit’ Yoga and Pilates, which incorporates the latest breakthroughs in scientific understanding of how the body moves to achieve greater flexibility, mobility and strength. There are classes for every level, from the unfit person wanting to get fitter, to the super-fit aiming to improve performance. Yoga is ideal for stressed out Londoners and throughout January all new customers are invited to try a class for free.


After the indulgences of the party season, treat your body to one of Melvita’s brand new wonder-teas, a New Year must-have. There are five blends in the range, from the ‘Flat Stomach Herbal Tea’ containing ingredients to eliminate toxins, relieve bloating and speed up fat elimination to the ‘Good Night Herbal Tea’ which promotes natural sleep. Using the finest organic ingredients and whole leaf plants, Melvita have worked with a Phytotherapist and Doctor of Pharmacology to develop the teas. The Melvita Loose Tea Collection complements Melvita’s existing range of herbal supplements and beehive products.

Learn Something New

Improve self-development and learn a life skill at The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers, one of London’s leading floral design schools. Offering inspirational courses only available at St Martin’s Courtyard, including the ‘Art and Flowers’ day course which encourages students to explore colour, form and texture to create dynamic and contemporary arrangements. Longer courses are perfect for those looking to enhance their understanding and experience of floral design. The four day ‘Intensive Course’ focuses on wedding pieces, large structures, headdresses, styling and photography and also covers business skills including advice on becoming a freelance florist. Blooms are one of the most effective ways of chasing away winter-time gloom, according to Principal of the Academy, Gillian Wheeler. “Learning floral design gives a triple burst of happiness – seeing and experimenting with beautiful colours, the aromatherapy aspect of flowers’ gorgeous scents, and learning a new creative skill.”

New Year, New Wardrobe

Freshen up your look for the new season with a little sartorial guidance from St Martin’s Courtyard’s very own style expert, The Wardrobe Consultant. Eliisa Makin, a stylist and freelance Fashion Editor will advise on this season’s trends and find a look that works, regardless of shape, age and budget.  “’Make 2012 the year that your wardrobe works for you!  Everyone has their own innate style, but sometimes it takes a little help from someone else to unleash it.” St Martin’s Courtyard offers a unique mix of fashion and footwear boutiques and flagships including Twenty8Twelve, Banana Republic, Joules, Jaeger London, Pretty Ballerinas and Duo.

Get On Your Bike

The Specialized Concept Store is now open at St Martin’s Courtyard offering the latest models of bicycles and accessories. Save money and keep fit at the same time by cycling to work instead of taking public transport. To make the most of your bike, the Body Geometry fitting studio within the store uses the latest technology to measure all aspects of your body including positioning and flexibility, which is then translated onto your bike. Ensuring your bike is the perfect fit will not only allow you to enjoy your cycling in comfort, but it will also help prevent injuries. The store also operates a state of the art workshop that is able to service all makes of bikes, ensuring your bike is in perfect working order.

Indulge Yourself in a Little ‘Me-Time’

If that all sounds like too much hard work, cleanse your body with a massage or beauty treatment, absolutely no effort required. Beauty and massage centre, relax specialises in detoxifying massage and natural treatments. The ‘Mega Detox Lymphatic Drainage Massage’, is a gentle rhythmic and deeply relaxing massage which chases away toxins, reduces water retention and gives the immune system a wonderful boost. The ‘Spirulina Detox Scrub and Wrap’ is exclusive to St Martin’s Courtyard and cleanses from the inside out, leaving you feeling virtuous.

St Martin’s Courtyard is Covent Garden’s newest shopping and dining destination, a must-visit for shopping, style and restaurants. Independent labels, flagship stores, international brands and new concepts have been handpicked to create an exclusive experience.

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