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Our new YogaDance class is reviewed in the Evening Standard online.

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Teacher Richard George

I have always considered myself way too into “real” sports for yoga, so when was asked to try out YogaDance, I was a bit sceptical. “YogaDance is a unique way of combining free flowing movement with yoga,” explained my teacher Katie, from new yoga studio Yotopia. “There is a new understanding of how the body best moves and is trained – using spiral movements, pulsing and repetition, instead of linear and static movements.”

Right, I thought. “But don’t worry there is no right or wrong in this class,” she added – thank God.

The class started with floor stretches and standing yoga exercises which gradually built up into free dance. For the first 15 minutes, I tried to reproduce the teacher’s exact movements. But as the class progressed I felt more at ease – and my moves started to flow naturally. Which considering I’m French and very self-conscious seemed something of a miracle.

For beginners who want a first-time approach to yoga, or even experts who want to try a more creative and more spontaneous method of practising it, YogaDance is a fun and relaxing option. Despite my own reservations I have to admit, I loved it.
£15 drop-in, starts Friday, 7-8.30pm with Richard, and then on the last Friday of each month. St Martin’s Courtyard, 13 Mercer Street, WC2, 0333 405 8888,

Marie Winckler