New to Yotopia

  • If you're planning your first class at Yotopia (and you’re a UK resident), you can sign up for our Introductory Offer: £35 for 20 consecutive days of unlimited yoga!  The Introductory Offer will start from the day of your first class. We recommend trying as many different classes and teachers as you can in this period, as we have so much to offer, and we’re sure you’ll find classes and teachers you love!

    You can buy The Introductory Offer here

    If you don’t live in the UK, you can get 15% off your first class pack.  Our yoga advisors can arrange this for you.

    If you purchase a class pass before your Intro Offer period ends, you will get a 15% discount.  

  • Well you’ve come to the right place! 

    At Yotopia our passionate and knowledgeable team can help you choose the right class to start off with and give you guidance on your progression to other classes to help you stay motivated and happy.  We are here to discuss any queries or concerns, or to offer support as you discover yoga and how it best fits in with your life. You don’t need to be a Yotopia member to drop in for a chat about all the different aspects of Yoga, what we offer at our studio, and how it might work for you.

    We offer classes suitable for different levels of experience.  If you're new to yoga, we recommend starting with one of our Level 1 classes, or a slower Yoga Flow class to build your confidence and awareness.  Yoga postures (“asanas”) each have specific names, so as a starting point you will develop your understanding of these.

    If you are unsure what class or style of yoga you should try, our friendly Yoga Advisors will help you find the ideal class for you.  Please give us a call (0333 405 8888) or send us an email (reception@yotopia.co.uk). Alternatively, just pop into the studio, and we can give you a tour and put your mind at ease.

    If you haven’t practiced yoga before, we offer Beginner’s Yoga Courses throughout the year, which you can find here.  


What styles of yoga do you offer

  • To find out more about the styles of yoga we offer, check out our Classes page, or talk to our Yoga Advisors either at the studio, over the phone on 0333 405 8888 or via email at info@yotopia.co.uk


  • Yes we do!  Our hot studio is heated to 36 degrees C.  The style of yoga that we mainly offer in this studio is vinyasa yoga - a dynamic form of yoga, which flows from one posture to another with a focus on the breath.  Our hot classes do not follow a set sequence, so every class will be different and unique.

    Our hot yoga is different to Bikram Yoga: we don't offer a set sequence, it’s not as hot as Bikram Yoga but it is more dynamic.

    For hygienic reasons we request that you place a towel on your mat for all hot classes.

  • Look out for any Level 1 classes for a gentle slow practice.  These are all suitable for beginners.

    Our Yoga Flow classes are a slower style of vinyasa yoga (flowing from posture to spouter with an awareness of the breath), which can also be suitable for beginners or those wanting a gentler yoga practice.

    To find out more about the styles of yoga we offer, check out our Classes page

  • Our Dynamic Yoga and Rocket Yoga classes are strong and advanced classes, and these are typically all fast paced.  

    Dharma Yoga is a more advanced practice in which you will explore arm balances, inversions (headstands, handstands, fore-arm balances), and backbends.

    To find out more about the styles of yoga we offer, check out our Classes page

  • We recommend our Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga. To find out more about the styles of yoga we offer, check out our Classes page

  • Yes we do! A Private Class can be individually tailored tailored to your practice/experience, your specific needs, and your body.

    Please call our Yoga Advisors on 0333 405 8888 or email info@yotopia.co.uk to discuss your options, and we can arrange a teacher that is most suited to your requirements.

What class is suitable for me

  • You do not need to be flexible, as yoga will help develop your flexibility. Hot yoga is great to support flexibility!

  • We don't currently offer pre-natal yoga classes at Yotopia. We recommend not practicing our hot yoga classes throughout your pregnancy, and not practicing our yoga classes within the first trimester.  

    We have a range of classes that we can recommend for you after your first trimester. Our Yoga Advisors may be able to offer other classes suitable to your individual needs. Pop in for a chat, ring on 0333 405 8888 or email us at info@yotopia.co.uk 

    If you are an expectant mother, always let reception and your teacher know before class. And always consult your doctor before attending a class.

  • It depends on the nature of the injury. Yoga can be particularly good for both prevention of and rehabilitation from injuries.

    Be sure to let the teacher know about any injuries before the class begins. It may be useful to arrive early to discuss your issues with the teacher, who will suggest ways to modify the practice or work with the injury safely, or may suggest that the class is not suitable until the injury has healed.

    Always consult your doctor first before attending any class whilst injured.

    You could also book a Private Yoga Class where a teacher can help you adapt your yoga practice to accommodate your injury.


  • Yoga is for everyone!

    Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Please inform us if someone under 16 is hoping to attend a specific class so that we can notify the teacher.

What should I know before I come

  • We provide all equipment that you will need for your class, including the highest quality studio mats.  We clean and disinfect the mats regularly, however you are welcome to bring your own; and we have plenty available to buy at reception.

    We also have full changing facilities with individual shower cubicles, stocked with shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, and hairdryers.

    Towels are available for hire at reception, and water and snacks are available to buy.

    For hygienic reasons we ask that you place a towel on your mat for our hot classes.

    We have plenty of lockers, which require padlocks so bring one if you have one; padlocks are also available for sale at reception.

    Please kindly note you will not be able to take your valuables into the studio.

  • Our classes take place in two studios, both flooded with natural light. For certain classes, teachers will use candles and incense to enhance your experience.

    There are well appointed separate male and female changing rooms, each with shower cubicles. The showers have complimentary shower gel, shampoo and conditioner.  Lockers and hair dryers are also provided, and towels are available to rent at reception.

    The lockers require padlocks, so please bring your own, or buy one at reception.

    Please note we don’t allow belongings to be taken into the studios.

    Freshly cleaned quality yoga clothing can also be hired from reception if you forget to bring your own.

  • We have plenty of lockers to leave you stuff. Our lockers require padlocks; we sell padlocks at reception, or bring your own. We will not take responsibility for your stuff so please lock it away.

    We request that you don’t take your belongings into the studios or leave them in the reception area.

  • You can either wear baggy, loose fitting clothing (such as shorts or bottoms and a T-shirt), or tight stretchy leggings and tops.  If you’re attending a hot class it is better to wear tight yoga gear as you will sweat, and loose clothing can become restrictive.  The most important thing is that you’re comfortable and can stretch without restriction.   

    We rent excellent quality yoga outfits if you want to do so, or if you’ve forgotten to bring your own.

    For hot classes, we recommend for hygienic reasons, and to prevent slipping, that you put a towel over your mat.  We rent specially designed hot yoga towels, or normal towels, at reception.

    Shoes and socks are not worn when practicing yoga, and we ask you to leave your shoes in the shoe racks provided at the reception area.

  • Ideally we recommend that you arrive a few minutes before your class but we know sometimes life gets in the way, so we try to be flexible.  Generally five minutes late is fine, but we may decide not to allow access, especially during busy classes, if we feel that students would be disrupted.

  • We recommend eating no later than 2 hours before a class, as it can be uncomfortable to practice on a full stomach. If you need to eat closer to the class, a light snack such as an energy bar or juice should be fine. Drink plenty of water before practicing, but only take little sips during class.

  • We recommend booking in advance, especially for our busier classes (mostly our evening classes).

    Courses and Workshops need to be booked in advance.

    Bookings can be done online, or when you are in the studio.  Please note that we don't take bookings via phone or email.  

    Please note our Cancellation Policy for bookings.  

What is Yoga

  • Yoga offers a wealth of benefits, physically, mentally and emotionally, when practiced regularly.  Some of these include increased stamina, strength and flexibility; enhanced metabolism; and improved circulation, which helps the body flush out toxins.

  • Yoga offers a wealth of benefits, physically, mentally and emotionally, when practiced regularly.  Some of these include increased stamina, strength and flexibility; enhanced metabolism; and improved circulation, which helps the body flush out toxins.

  • Yoga will improve your strength, flexibility, health and well-being.  It can also help improve performance in other sports. Dynamic yoga and hot yoga classes are particularly cardiovascular.  Supported by a healthy diet, yoga can help you lose weight.

  • Although there are spiritual elements to yoga, it is not a religion and does not require you to subscribe to any particular set of beliefs. We don't impose any dogma at Yotopia, and allow you the freedom to discover what your particular goals are from your practice. With a regular practice, you will however find that it naturally enables you to live with greater peace and calm.

Class Pack options

  • The best option will be based on how frequently you want to come.

    You can pay for a single drop-in class, although a class pass will offer better value.  If you're coming 2 times per week or more, the Month to Month unlimited membership may be the cheapest option for you - we have made this very flexible as there is no minimum contact period.

    Check out our Prices page to see the full range of options.

    Our Yoga Advisors will help you find the perfect back for you based on how often you visit us. Call us on 0333 405 888 or email us at info@yotopia.co.uk

  • You can’t share class passes

  • If your Class Pass has expired, you may re-activate any unused classes from that series for 6 additional weeks (from the time of payment). The charge for this is £20, and can be arranged with our Yoga Advisors at the studio, or over the phone or via email.

  • Check out our Prices page to find out if you’re eligible for a discount

  • Definitely! Join our Karma Yoga team and help out around the studio in exchange for classes. Please email us to express your interest and find out more at info@yotopia.co.uk

  • We welcome your feedback, both good and bad so email us at info@yotopia.co.uk