Callista Nurse

Callista came to Yoga in the Winter of 2009 having arrived back in London that Summer after spending 5 years training intensively as a concert pianist at one of the world’s premier music conservatoires. She felt completely lost and turned to various unhealthy ways of coping, until a friend literally dragged her along to a Bikram Yoga class; it was hot and sweaty. . .and with that she was hooked!
Since immersing herself in a Hatha yoga practice, her curiosity of meditation, daily devotion and the discipline of Yoga steadily grew to the extent that in October 2014, she enrolled on The Yoga People’s 200-hour Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket Yoga teacher training. After having completed her training that December, Callista was searching for a path that would not only satisfy her interest in neuroscience, but also one where she could use her own experiences with mental health issues for the greater good, which led her to embark on – and successfully graduate from – the 550-hour Yoga Therapy course with The Minded Institute. Callista also has training in Mandala Vinyasa, Yin, Tripsichore and Yogic Arts.
Classes with Callista are supportive, yet progressive. She invites students to feel into the poses rather than create one-size-fits-all shapes, teaching a “bus-stop” approach – everyone gets off at their desired step/stop in order to satisfy the level of practice they wish to have on a given day. She also encourages experimental movement within the practice, colouring outside the lines of the confines of traditional yoga poses.
Callista aims to create an atmosphere of “anything is possible”, which is then injected with a sense of humour and accompanied by music of genres ranging from Mozart to Nas, a selection with a big nod to her eclectic musical pursuits.