Candy Alderson

Candy began her yoga journey in 2009 when she was working full time in the film industry. It began with meditation as a way to declutter a busy mind. That then led to yoga asana (physical practice), transforming stress into movement and reconnecting with her body as a way of self medicating. It soon became her way of life, initially inspired by Ashtanga Mysore & Vinyasa styles. Eventually dropping her career, she did her first  200hr teacher training in Boulder, Colorado and later completed her 300 hour teacher training in India with Yoga Tribe.

With an adventurous spirit, Candy has travelled a lot, as both student and teacher.

Candy teaches a strong Vinyasa flow with emphasis on safe alignment and connected breath. Expect to work hard and to be challenged, to explore your limits and reconnect with your body. Quite the opposite to her Vinyasa, Candy also teaches Yin yoga. Expect to slow down, to work deep into the fibres of your body as a way to release both physical and emotional tension. In Yin the poses are deep, mostly floor based and are held for a longer to allow this release. Flexibility starts in the mind