Dirish Shaktidas

Dirish yoga

Dirish Shaktidas is a flexitarian, immersed in the world of holistic healing. Dirish has been practicing yoga and meditate for 10 years, and teaches Vinyasa Flow, Dynamic, Yin Restore, and is a socialist in Shkati Dance, the Yoga of Dance. He was trained under Yoga Works in LA and mentored by Maty and Kia Miller.

His classes are described as rejuvenating, dynamic, and chilled, and his teaching is clear, concise and mindful, with the focus on the breath, alignment and bringing you into a state of inner peace.  Dirish leads his life by honouring his intention to help others, and becoming more conscious within thus becoming more aware outward. He is influenced by multiple yogic disciplines and teachers from the past, present and future.  He believes that experience is life and life is the experience which is the greatest teacher.

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