Issy Scobie

 “I by mistake ended up on a yoga mat while at university in Canada in 2011 and in that very first class – when I couldn’t touch my toes and could not tell a warrior one from a warrior 2 if you’d paid me – I knew that me and yoga were in it for life.  The way yoga brought me out of my mind and into my body made me feel strong on a level much more profound than the physical changes that of course came too.  Yoga seems to me a practice of making space for ourselves – literally, as we move on the mats, and less literally, as we move through our lives. 

I qualified with YogaLondon in 2015 and have been teaching in London ever since – all over the place, from sky gardens to sitting rooms and some of those studios in between 😉 

I teach a strong and steady style of Vinyasa Flow yoga, where the emphasis is firstly on finding a full breath, and secondly on letting that breath take you into the shapes that feel good in your body on this day. The more I learn and the more I teach, the more interested I become in the moments between the moments; of course landing in certain postures and feeling that stillness is one thing (and a fun thing) – but what about the transitions from this steadiness, to the next steadiness? What about the bits in between? “