Josephine McGrail

As a ballet student enrolled at The Royal Danish Ballet, Josephine early on felt a need to find a Josephine 1space that was just hers. Almost by accident, at the age of 12, she attended her first ashtanga vinyasa class. This turned out to be a meeting that would forever change her life; she knew from that moment that one day she would study and continue this ancient tradition somewhere, somehow. All though it took many years of denial: 7 years at The Danish Ballet, 3 years at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, 12 years of working as a full time dancer, model and actress travelling all around the world working with many high profile celebrities and companies. However, always running to the nearest yoga studio to try and connect herself to her own truth in the midst of a world that was full of false hopes and distractions.
Then finally, after years of suffering from exhaustion from the pressure of the industry and a lot of self doubt she took her teacher training with The Yoga People. She started to regain her own inner strength and she now does what she loves for a living, teaching all around London and Denmark.
Her style draws strongly from her background but also infuses the yogic traditions of Ashtanga, Yin, Rocket, Kundalini and Hatha. She uses the classical tradition of dance mixed with the principles of Yoga in a free flowing way, allowing new shapes to take place, but also accepting and embracing what may be found, in places hidden deep within.  She hopes to inspire the joy of movement to all living beings, for us all to find our inner dancer. Anything in life can be a dance. We are all gurus for one another.
Josephine aspires to learn from everything life brings her and is deeply grateful to all her teachers including Sivaroshan Sahathevan, Roland Torikian, Stewart Gilchrist, Jennifer Ellis and Marcus Veda.