Kate Lovell


Kate’s relationship with yoga began over 10 years ago when she was introduced to breathing exercises during a corporate lunchtime yoga class.  Originally from New England and once a New Yorker, Kate confesses to having initially approached yoga from a work-out fanatic perspective – if she didn’t sweat and burn calories, what was the point?  A painful back injury changed her tune and led to her re-build a more mindful practice, using yoga to heal not harm.

Kate now holds a RYT teacher training qualification (500 hours) through London’s Art of Contemporary Yoga (AOCY), with additional qualifications in Myo-fit Yoga and Fascial Fitness (FFA).

Her teaching style is both playful and nurturing, incorporating dynamic vinyasa flows and more restorative postures and sequencing to address the specific needs and levels of her students.  She finds absolute delight in helping others achieve a high standard of body-awareness in their yoga practice and incorporating themes inspired by yoga and Buddhist philosophy, breathing exercises and meditation to take into daily life.

Daughter of a musician and a pianist herself, she loves using music in her classes to assist students in tuning into their bodies and out of noisy inner chatter. Her ultimate aim is to provide an environment and practice where her students can feel safe, whilst working outside their comfort zone to heal the body and quiet the mind through graceful movement.

Beyond yoga, Kate is a certified holistic health coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (NYC).  She loves writing about health and nutrition on her blog and is the voice behind our bi-monthly newsletter Health Tip.  As with yoga, her philosophy for nutrition is: there is no one way!