Luna Anderson

“Movement and exploration of one’s self, is what first drew Luna to Yoga. She treats her asanas like a dance for the mind and  body,  knitting together the emotional and physical aspects of Yoga harmoniously.

 “I found Yoga or rather Yoga truly found me a few years back, after leaving the

world of dance behind due to an ongoing struggle with my health. I had dabbled

in a few classes throughout my teens, but the extent of what Yoga can do for the mind and body didn’t come to me until I had reached a particularly challenging

point in my life. From there, Yoga, in the all-encompassing sense, gave me a

drive to move forward and rebuild a positive life for myself.”

Yoga has given me a strong focus both on and off the mat. It is more than just a physical practice to condition the body, (although that is one of its many benefits!) and it is something I believe is 100% inclusive to everyone.”

 Luna’s classes vary weekly, but expect a strong, dynamic flow, that is light and playful at heart. A firm believer that we can all enjoy the benefits of this old tradition in a modern way, Luna offers plenty of variations to poses that allow you to take control of your practice.”