Samantha Tu

Samantha trained originally as a dancer in ballet and contemporary dance.

Her passion for yoga began20 years agowhen she discovered Ashtanga Yoga which she practiced for several years before being drawn to other styles, all of which inform her teaching today.Herclasses combine creative sequencing that challenges the body and focuses the mind, with threads of yogic philosophy to weave into every day life. It’s about staying in the moment, and finding peace and freedom within by letting go of everything that doesn’t serve us. A steady breath, refined alignment and technique underpin her teaching.In her private practice she teaches athletes and mixed martial artists, as well as people dealing with chronic or acute injuries or health issues,  working with them to create a sustainable yoga practice that will compliment their training and/or help in conjunction with treatment plans.
When not teaching yoga she works as a voice coach in areas of business and performance enabling students to find their voice and use it effectively and naturally. As with teaching yoga, everything is already within, she  just helps to reveal it.