Sasha Sundari

Having grown up in London and committed to an overly busy work life in the Arts Industry, Sasha began studying Yoga as a method to balance out her life. It took a few years to begin a regular practice and then some to begin training. She has now been teaching Yoga internationally at all levels for almost 10 years.

She was drawn to how a Yoga practice enabled her to go deeper within to centre and ground in peace, bliss and awareness.

She is passionate about bringing Yoga to everyone, and creating a safe, nurturing space to evolve, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. She feels fortunate to have learned from some awesome teachers in Yoga, Spirituality, Shamanism and Psychology, and has also spent time studying in India.

Sasha encourages movement from a place of authenticity and mindfulness. She will guide you gently towards your edge, focussing on breath and alignment in the process. Sasha believes in Yoga as a practice to continue into our lives on and off the mat and is recently especially interested in the restorative benefits of Yoga.

When she’s not practicing and teaching Yoga, she loves going for long walks in nature, enjoying coconuts, writing, singing, being creatively inspired and spending time by the ocean.

She is a qualified Kundalini, Hatha and Yin Yoga Teacher.