Endorsements and testimonials: some great things our clients and guests have said about us!

“The classes offered by Yotopia are without doubt, brilliant. I enjoyed every single class I attended – the teachers are friendly and helpful and the yoga challenging but achievable even for beginners… I’ll definitely be going back.” Rebecca Cox, Glamour Magazine

“Despite my own reservations I have to admit, I loved it.” Marie Winckler, Evening Standard

“So happy to have found a little yoga paradise in the centre of Covent Garden. I have been practicing yoga for many years in central London and have been searching for a dedicated yoga studio close to home, with a good vibe, similar to the beautiful yoga centers you find in LA, I found it…Yotopia.  Great teachers, wonderful classes, beautiful air conditioned studios and friendly staff who can’t do enough for you.  I highly recommend it!”  Jacqui O’Sullivan

“I’ve tried many yoga studios in London, and around the world, and Yotopia comes out tops for quality of teachers, variety of classes throughout  the day – hot yoga, vinyasa flow, jivamukhti, Pilates, to name only a few of my favourites. The staff are super friendly and efficient, greeting everyone by first name upon arrival and offering a towel. The facilities are clean, bright and spacious. A great haven in the heart of Covent Garden and the perfect antidote to a busy life. Thanks to Yotopia classes, I am better equipped emotionally and physically to deal with the  challenges of my hectic job.”  Bernie O’Neill

“Yotopia has made me fall back in love with Yoga!  It’s the most welcoming and most luxurious Yoga studio I have ever been to in London.  And such great value for money.  It’s difficult not to be excited by the varied classes they offer which are taught by the best yoga teachers around.  Most importantly, it’s staff are very passionate about yoga and they always make sure that everyone attending their studio has a good Yotopia experience.  I urge all the ‘yogies’ out there to give it a try – you won’t regret it!” Michele Bastide

“I gave up my gym membership and joined Yotopia instead, the best health and fitness decision I’ve ever made. I’m stronger, more motivated and calmer. Goodbye gym!” Rebekah MacLeary

“Great studio! Super clean and modern. Really enjoyed the class. Will definitely be back!” Joanna Cannon

“I recently visited your studio for a complimentary class. I was amazed by the calm environment and the cleanliness of the studio. I took part in the hot vinyasa yoga class and I have to say that it was one of the best experiences I’ve had with yoga so far. The teacher was really relaxing making the atmosphere really enjoyable. I look forward to experiencing more classes at Yotopia!” Danai Voutyra

“It was my first time here, and I was very impressed with the class, teaching, changing rooms and all around feeling. Am very interested in the beginners courses in the hot studio. I will definitely return!” Lianne Humphreys 

“Excellent customer service from all staff.” Katie Reynolds

“Lovely and friendly staff. Relaxing environment. Perfect ambience. Very well done Yotopia team!” Sam

“Most professional yoga class I’ve been to – loved it.” Nina Brewer

“I LOVE Jaqui Wan’s Yoga with weights class. Viv Alves class has a great flow, and Caroline Tautz’s class is excellent.” Duncan McGechie

David Olton is a fantastic teacher who makes the class enjoyable whether you’re a beginner or a trained “yogi”! His love and energy literally transform people!” Josephine Mcgrail

“The teachers are really friendly and make it all seem very easy!” Tessa Edmondson

Have tried different classes at Yotopia for a month and absolutely loved them! I found them very challenging and also loved the relaxation at the end of each class, giving me a chance to unwind after a busy day. The teachers are amazing, the classes are well structured and very challenging. A great way to exercise and practise your yoga in a friendly studio!” Magda Andronic

“I am quickly approaching age sixty and I have for the past ten years enrolled in a large number of fitness courses to slow the ageing process. Yotopia has been unique among classes in assisting me with the development of muscle and cardiac endurance and at the same time increasing my flexibility. Generally I have abandoned other styles after a while because the pace has been too strenuous and with time I only became increasingly tighter making any further exercise unpleasant. A lifetime of knots in my muscles are now unwinding and I am able to sleep without the assistance of medications which, to me is the biggest bonus of all. A good night’s sleep is worth everything!” Scott Blazer, Artist

“My own practice has entered into a different realm with Yotopia’s yoga classes. I allow so much more movement, which I love. Exploring more of the journey rather than the end perfection of a posture. I feel a lot stronger and stable in my core. Hence grounding.” Una Laffan