Myo-Fit Principles

Each of our Myo-Fit classes is built around five principles to ensure you receive the best results in terms of training. These principles behind myofascial training are:

•    Interconnections
instead of the traditional view of anatomy being separate muscles, tendons, ligaments and organs, we understand instead how all of the tissue in the body is connected, and how the body naturally moves along specific, connected tracks of myofascia continuities.

•    “Myofascial pulsation”
instead of the static movement found in conventional yoga and other work-outs, we incorporate continuous rhythmic movement, alternating with pulsations when postures are held. These movements create a spring-like quality in the practice, which combined with momentum and resistance allows the fascia to function in an elastic way, and increases the kinetic storage capacity of the myofasciae.

•    Three-Dimensional Movement
instead of moving only in a linear style, we incorporate twists and spirals using momentum, which teaches the body to use and distribute its energy more efficiently. This results in an enhanced sense of openness, energy, strength and stability.

•    Rhythm
Continuous rhythmic movement alternates with pulsating in postures, which lengthens and strengthens the whole body while allowing the tissue to hydrate. This is called ‘lengthening contraction’, and it enables the body to bounce back and adapt – hence we become less prone to injury and our immune system is strengthened through increased hydration.

•    Diversity
to prevent the practice from becoming mechanical and less effective, our teachers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and teach a wide range of styles. In addition, all of our ‘in-house’ teachers* have trained in our own unique style of Myo-Fit yoga modules and theory. They incorporate this understanding into their own styles in a variety of ways, ensuring you get the best of both classic and up-to-date yoga teaching, in a variety of ways to suit all preferences.


Yotopia is the only yoga studio, which applies the principles of myofascial continuities, and myofascial pulsation to a dynamic method of yoga.

*does not include ‘Guest Teachers’