Urban Tri

What is the Urban Tri?  The Urban Tri is 45 minutes of Hot Yoga at Yotopia, a 3 mile run, then an 8 mile indoor spin session.

When is it held?  We are currently not hosting the Urban Tri, but aim to do so again soon – so look out on this page or sign up for our newsletter for further updates

Cost: £40

Booking:  To book, go to our timetable and scroll forward until you reach the date of the event.

Cancellations: Please note we have a 48 hour cancellation policy for this event.

Do I need to train for the Urban Tri?  This is very dependent on your current fitness level. However we can say that the Urban Tri isn’t well suited for absolute beginners in any or all of these disciplines.

Do I need to buy special equipment to participate in the Urban Tri?  This is the beauty of the Urban Tri; all you need to participate is you, a sports outfit, a pair of trainers, and a can-do attitude.

What other preparation do I need to do before the Urban Tri?  HYDRATE. Not only the day of the event but also the day before. You will be sweating A LOT during all three disciplines (but mostly in hot yoga) and it is crucial for your health and performance that you drink plenty of water.

What to wear:
Wear clothes that are appropriate for all three disciplines, as you should not be changing between them.
  • For ladies: leggings (full or capri length), supportive sports bra and/or vest top
  • For gents: athletic shorts or leggings and a tee
  • Running shoes and socks
  • Layers for running outside. Be mindful that the temperature outside will be MUCH different than the one in the studio, so having an extra layer to not shock your body temperature when you head outside for the run might be necessary.
What will be provided:
  • Water, yoga mat,  and towel at Yotopia
  • Pace runners at different intervals of the run so you don’t get lost
  • Water midway through the run
  • Water, cycling shoes (if you want to wear them) and towel at the spin location
Please arrive at Yotopia at least 20-30 minutes before the start of the Urban Tri.

Yoga is your first discipline, so once you arrive at Yotopia, check in at reception. You can place your running shoes in the shoe rack and any additional layers you will need for your run post yoga. Leave all your other belongings in one bag at reception. The Urban Tri staff will make sure your belongings arrive at Boom.

Once all of this is complete, head upstairs at Yotopia to set up your yoga mat. Please be geared up and ready to go 5 minutes before start up time.

After yoga is finished, please put away your mats and head to put on your running gear, which should be set up to throw on and dash out the door. This should take 1-3 minutes.
The lead pace runner from Sweatshop will depart once the first batch of Urban Tri-ers are ready to roll. Run safety is key as you will be running within the city. Sweatshop will have staff members running along with you to ensure you not only stay on course but stay safe.

Your run will end at the Spin studio where you will descend the stairs and get yourself on a bike! You can also pick up a pair of cycling shoes at reception if you wish. Once you’re all geared up, head into the studio and grab a bike. A towel and water will be there waiting for you. There will be staff on hand to help you set up your bike and your timer/mileage tracker if you need it. From there you’ll rock out 8 miles on the bike.

When you’ve hit 8 miles you’re finished! Be mindful the class may carry on for others, but once you’ve finished you can head out of the studio and celebrate!

TOILETS, CHANGING FACILITIES AND SHOWERS: There will be changing facilities both at Yotopia and at BOOMCycle. There will also be showers at the spin studio post Urban Tri.